Egg Drop Challenge Result

After weeks of planning, building and modifying containers, children came up with their own unqiue design to test their egg drop challenge. Some of the children focused on slowing down the gravity using a parachute while others tried to minimize the impact by providing a lot of cushion, and some did both.

Here are contestants and their desgins for the Egg Drop Challenge












Each contestant’s egg was placed inside their individually designed container. Then they dropped them from the first floor plat form of the church playground.


Who’s egg survived and who’s egg didn’t?


Here are the winners of the Egg Drop Challenge: One kindergartener, one first grader, one third grader and two forth graders succeeded.


Congratulations to all children who participated in the challenge. Even though not all of the children’s eggs survived, all of their containers did provide some form of protection. Comparing with the egg that was dropped without any protection, there was a huge part of egg that were saved.


What did we learn from this experiment?



Children observed 2 major differences in design between people who have succeeded vs. not succeeded.

  1. Egg was securely positioned inside the container.
  2. Egg was well padded or cushioned to minimize impact.



Another Challenge: Making A Prediction On Teacher’s Design

Based on their own experience and learning from the previous experiment, children had to make a prediction on one of teacher’s design, whether or not the egg will survive.

After carefully examining the container, all children agreed that the egg will survive. They noted that egg is securely positioned inside the container and there is a sufficient amount of padding where there won’t be any direct contact with the ground.

The result came out as the children predicted. Thus we conclude our Egg Drop Challenge. Many Children have commented that it was one of hardest projects that they had to work on and they are happy that they were able to figure out various parts of challenge.



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