Mystery Apple

“What are we having for snack today?”

Children are very excited about our daily snack making. Snack making is one of the activities that provides multiple sensory, bilateral hand coordination and hand dexterity. Through this experience, children explore science and math concepts like measurement, use of food ingredients as materials and the sequential step to step thought process.

Apple is a seasonal fruit that we had many chances to eat this Fall. We made various apple dips and tried a fresh vs. cooked apple. To explore the apples, we looked at 8 different types commonly found in the Brookline grocery stores and perform taste test on which apple is our favorite. This information will help us to pick which apple to buy for our snack. To test their learning of the various kinds of apple, children were asked to participate in challenge called Mystery Apple.

First, children made observation drawing of apples.



Second, children learned the name of apples and their physical characteristics.



Third, children tasted apples and picked their 3 best tasting apples. For the result, there was a tide between Red Delicious and Gala.


Forth, children solved what is the name of mystery apple based on their learning. Majority of children named the apple right. They were very excited about their result. Good job children!



More Pictures of children preparing snack:

1. Slicing cheese.


 2. Scooping caramel sauce.


3. Stuffing rice into tofu skin pockets.


4. Making chocolate pudding parfait.