Create Your Own Game (continuation of “What is Game?”)

Snow Person Created By All Of Us At The Church Playground



Playing and thinking about many different games, children took on the challenge of creating their own game. Together, we identify the basic elements of game which are:

  1. Name
  2. Objective/Goal
  3. Rules
  4. Outcome

In addition to these 4 basic elements, we also talked about adding challenge as one additional of the element which will help to make game more interesting and fun.

Based on four or five elements mentioned above, children play out their ideas and able to create games of their own using open ended materials.


Created by Jacob

Name: Tic Tac Four for 2 players.

Objective/ Goal: To create 4 in the row in straight or diagonal line or square using 4 foam pieces.


  1.  Roll the dice and whoever has the biggest number goes first.
  2. Take turns.
  3.  Move only one foam piece at a time.
  4.  You may block the other player from making 4 in the row or square using your foam pieces.

Challenge: Unlike other conventional Tic Tac Toe games,  you have to think beyond linear configuartion of making 4 in the row.

Outcome: Whoever creates either 4 in the row or square the first wins the game.

Created by Pierre

Name: Cross the Ocean for maximum of 3 players.

Objective/ Goal: Go around the board and come back to home.


  1. You can choose to be either the person or the shark.
  2. Roll the dice and move the space as it is indicated through the sum of dices.
  3. When the person lands on the same space as the shark then the person have to start from the beginning.

Outcome: Whoever comes back to the starting point, home is the winner of the game.


Created by Arive

Name: Candy Land for 4 players.

Objective/ Goal: Go from start to finish line.


  1. Choose the color of the person.
  2. Take turns to flip cards that indicate the color and number of steps that you can take.
  3. You may only move as the card indicates.

Outcome: Whoever reaches the finish line the fastest is the winner.


Created by Max

Name: Catch Money for 2 players

Objectives/ Goals: Collect money as you move through the board from start to finish.


  1. Take turns to roll the dice and move your peg according to the sum of numbers indicated on the dice.
  2. Collect money as it is indicated on the landing spot.


Whoever finishes with the most amount of money is the winner.


Created by Hannah

Name: Race To The Dice for maximum of 4 players

Objectives/ Goals: Get all the cards


  1. Divide cards equally among players and put them face down.
  2. Roll the dice and whoever has the highest number goes first.
  3. The first player roll the dice and after counting 1,2,3, everyone put down the card from their file of cards.
  4. Whoever has the closest number to the number that dice rolled get to keep all the cards.
  5. Play until you run out of cards.

Challenge: Wild cards with various instructions.

Outcomes: Whoever has the most number of cards wins.


Created by JingMeng

Name: Race to the Goal, for 2 players

Objectives/ Goal: Go to the finish line, the goal.


  1. Do rock, paper, scissors, shoot and decide who gets to go.
  2. Player who wins will pick the card.
  3. Cards will indicated where to move your person

Outcome: Whoever make it to the finish line is the winner.


Created by Ashika

Name: No name for 2 players

Objectives: Go from the start to the finish line.


  1. Roll the dice and whoever wins go first.
  2. Take turns moving your animal pieces by rolling the dice. Whoever has the biggest number goes.

Outcome: Whoever gets to the finish line the first is the winner.


Created by Ilan

Name: Race to Win for 2 to 4 players

Objectives/ Goal: Go to the finish Line


  1. Roll the dice and whoever has the biggest number goes first.
  2. Take turns to flip the cards for instruction on where to go.

Outcomes: Whoever arrives at the finish line the first wins the game.



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