What Is Game?

At the beginning of the fall semester, we explored the idea of: what is game? Many children already know one or more games to play. They mentioned that there are many different types of games like board games, card games, or games made with things you find at home or outside. Most importantly, games are fun when you play with others or on your own. Through playing games, they learn to make friends and develop a sense of community.

Games played inside:

Weiam, Vera, Louis, Max, Anna, Ellie, Illan, Hannah, Jacob, Ivan and Ryoji

Games played outside:

Chi Ling

Ivan shared “Chi Ling”, Chinese yoyo from Taiwan. Many children were fascinated by how it works and the many tricks you can do with it.

Louis, Jacob and Max

American Hop Scotch Vs. Korean Hop Scotch

Children shared hop scotch game from 2 different countries. Similar idea and yet it can add different flavor by having different rules and objectives.

Hannah, Juila, Jacob, Ashika, Max, Anna, JingMong and Sandy

Around the world: basket ball

Jacob, Max, Ivan, Hannah, Weiam, Anna, Vera and Sandy

Who can score the most goals?: Soccer

Sandy, Max, Weiam, Hannah, Ariv, Ivan, Vera and Anna

Tic Tac Toe

Ashika and Ellie

 Unstructured Free Play:

Unstructured free play is an essential part of healthy children. Activities are children driven. Through their play, they demonstrate creativity, flexibility, team work, planning and decision making.

Creating a tree house: Illan, Piere, Ellie, JingMong, and Ashika got together to gather many branches on one day in October after a very windy night.

¬†Sorting acorns: Piere and Illan started to gather acorns to start a “war”. As Ryoji joined, it turned into a sorting and organizing activity. They estimated they have gather about 1000 acorns.

Building blocks

Ariv, Illan and Ryoji

Flying kites

Julia, Louis, Illan and Ryoji

Tracing bodies with chalk

Ryoji, Illan and Ellie